How Azure DevOps helps you making Refinement events fun again

Sun Jun 20 2021

Today, You probably know Scrum is the most general framework for maintaining complex products. You might also have the weekly procedure to attend a meeting called “Product Backlog Refinement.” Here you want to define the new work items for the next sprints.

If you have those regular weekly “meetings,” you might also encounter the situation that you had nothing to say, and you were staring at some backlog or board where your teammates discuss work items.

This scenario is often the case when having Product Backlog Refinement events in Scrum. Doing it the wrong way can be lengthy and inefficient. But using the right tools, e.g., Azure DevOps, for the event and structuring it the right way, you can refine your items more efficiently and create well-defined work items.

For that, I want to look at:

Scrum is a well-known framework, and I don’t want to talk about the theory today. If you need more background information or are entirely new to Scrum, you can check out the Scrum Guide web page.

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